The ICO project is completed

First services exchange project based on blockchain technology and smart contract

Audit services

Corporate services

Legal services

Financial services

Completely new approach
to the provision of corporate services

IBFS world – IBFS world is an online exchange of consulting, outsourcing, legal and other services that brings together professionals from all over the world.

An important feature of the new service is that any customer has the opportunity to select the best specialist out of those who will respond to their request and get a reasonable price for the service

Thus, in the shortest time possible you can find the right specialist, quickly orientate yourself as to particular service price levels and receive guaranteed protection from scams. The latter is achieved via the use of smart contract and blockchain technology.

With the introduction of smart contract, we will be able to automate the process of service work acceptance by Customers and of transferring payments to Contractors, exclude banks from the process, as well as avoid sending accounting documents.

How it works:


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The ICO Details

What is IBFS token

IBFS world token provides the right to a share in the company's profits. All the token holders are entitled to receive dividends in accordance with their share. 20% of the company's profits will be distributed among all the holders of the token sold after the ICO has been completed. Besides, it will be further possible to use tokens to pay for the professional services.

Earn a share of the profits

The dividends will be distributed quarterly. 30% of the profits will be transferred to the Ethereum wallet wherefrom it will be distributed among the wallets of the token owners in accordance with the terms of the smart contract.

The number of IBFS tokens

The number of issued tokens will be limited to 50 000 000 (fifty million) tokens will be issued. 90% of tokens will be sold out.

Token Distribution

8% of tokens will remain the property of the founders and the project team. 2% of tokens will be distributed as bonuses. 90% of tokens will be sold out

The bonus program

You will receive a bonus for buying the tokens during the first four weeks of the ICO





for the first week

for the second week

for the third week

for the fourth week

The initial rate

The price of one token at the moment of ICO is 0.0025 ETH

The road map

Our team

David Linn Benson, Full-stack programmer. In 2014, he created a cryptocurrency mining farm and organized a mining-pool
Tobias Schulz, Lead Blockchain Developer. He started coding at the age of 10 and has complete mastery of several computer languages, including Solidity. He holds an MSc in Computer Science and is a Certified Scrum Professional
an Radoch, Chief Technology Officer. AI & Deep Learning | A technologist & enthusiast specializing in Blockchain with 10+ years of software development experience. MSc in Computer Science,and a member of Global Entrepreneurial Leaders Club (GEL Club).
Alexander Scholz System Architect. Senior Software Engineer, 8+ years of experience in Java development and project management. MSc in Software Engineering
Lukas Neumann, Marketing. Extensive experience in the promotion of IT projects.
Eigon Riel, Chief Strategy Officer
Gregory Ginzburg, Chief Financial Officer
Lora Bahlbuch, manager
Jun Hasegawa, PR & marketing
Yang Ming-Zhu, manager

Our consultants

Franz-Martin Wolff, Head of The notary office of Franz-Martin Wolff, Berlin
Lutz Bayermann, Senior Partner of ECOVIS ERP Rechtsanwälte
Michael Sternal,CEO of Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Sternal & Kollegen, Berlin Mitte
Luffer Wong, Senior Partner of Ray Yin & Partners PRC Lawyers
Maximilian Kerner, B.Sc in Business Informatics

How do you make money from that?

Keep your tokens and receive the dividends

The token guarantees a share of the company's profits


After the completion of the ICO, you will be able to sell the tokens at the exchange and make a profit

Buy the tokens at their face value and wait for the price to grow

Our partners